Important ! Only Fill up this form AFTER you have made payment
RM100 payment to be made to :

Name:John Lau Zheng-Hao
Maybank: 112353033215
whatsapp screenshot payment to : 012-2666450

Hi, {{answer_7968702}} . May I know the name of the person/company you paid the RM100 course fee to ? *

Thats awesome, we'll check with {{answer_7968726}} on that. Meanwhile , whats your contact number ? *

Course coverage
1. Learn to Rewire your guitar
2. Learn to change pickups & parts
3. Learn to customize pickup configuration

Roughly tell me what do you expect to learn from this course other then those mentioned above ? I take these seriously .

Lastly , could you let me know where did you hear the course from ?

ie. Facebook , guitar shop recommend , freind recommend ( be AWESOME if you can tell me who.. would like to thank them ! )
FYI , its 4th July 2015 @ bald bear guitars in uptown .Tools provided , you may bring your own guitar if you like .

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